Pets Allowed

Pets are Welcome

  1. Permission to have your pet must be secured by GHI prior to any tenant bringing a pet onto the premises. Any tenant housing a pet without authorization will be considered in violation of the lease.
  2. Tenants may house one (1) pet which includes any of the following...a cage bird, a five(5) gallon aquarium with fish, a turtle, a rabbit, a dog or a cat per household. Pets should not weigh in excess of thirty (30) pounds for a dog and fifteen (15) for a cate. Service and/or companion animals are exempt from weight guidelines.
  3. Animals must be spayed/neutered, licensed, housetrained and current on shots. Proof of all required immunizations including rabies must be provided to GHI from the animal’s veterinarian. A copy of the annual license must be provided to GHI by January 31st each year. Annual immunizations must be maintained. The deposit for each animal is $250 and to be paid as follows: a minimum of $50 at the time the pet is brought onto the premises with the remainder of the deposit paid in monthly installments of at least $20 per month until the deposit is paid in full.
  4. The pet deposit is refundable twenty one (21) days after a tenant vacates the apartment or upon written notification to GHI that they no longer have a pet. An inspection is required prior to refunding monies to determine if any portion of the deposit is to be retained for damages caused by the pet. Written explanation will be provided to the tenant to outline why any portion of the deposit is being retained.
  5. The tenant is responsible for the care and cleanliness of the pet. When outside the apartment animals must be leashed, and may not be left unattended at any time. Dogs may not run loose on GHI property and are not allowed in common areas. Tenant is responsible for proper disposal of kitty litter and all animal droppings on the ground. Owner is responsible to clean up common areas if dirt or mud is tracked in.
  6. If GHI cannot contact owner and there is a reasonable cause to believe an emergency situation exists, GHI staff may enter the apartment. An emergency contact name and information must be given in case there is a need.
  7. Tenant acknowledges that GHI is not responsible for any injury or illness to the pet. If another tenant or staff member considers the pet to be a nuisance they may file a complaint with the office. The owner will be notified of any complaints. If complaints continue and allegations prove true, GHI has the right to revoke the tenant’s pet privileges.
  8. Tenant agrees that they assume full responsibility and liability for their pet. Tenant signature on this lease exempts GHI for any liability caused by their pet.
  9. Liability insurance is required for all pet owners and a copy must be provided to GHI annually.
  10. Tenant agrees to abide by all state and local animal laws and ordinances.
  11. Damage to the interior/exterior of the premises will be the full responsibility of the tenant and tenant agrees to pay all costs to full restoration; not limited to pet deposit.
  12. Written verification of medical necessity for the residents’ health, safety, or well-being for a service/companion animal must be provided.
  13. Pets that are not owned by a tenant are not allowed on the premises. Feeding and harboring of stray animals is not allowed.
  14. Tenants must use designated pet areas upon completion of fencing.